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Anakin by Eli Hyder

The jedi Anakin Skywalker with his cyborg arm - alongside his future self the sith lord Darth Vader Art by Eli Hyder See more Vader art here. More darkside art...

Hades & Persephone by Julia Harrison

A painting of Kylo Ren and Rey as Hades and Persephone from ancient Greek myth. Art by Julia Harrison {Artstation, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook} See more Sequel Trilogy art here. More Rey art here. More Kylo Ren art...

Han & Chewie (Mad Edition)

It's been too long... Was fortunate enough to do this cover for MAD US. Silly Star Wars stuff ... right up my alley! Art by LoopyDave More Han Solo art here. More Chewbacca art here. More Original Trilogy art...



Surf’s Up!

I created this little Ewok for #EwokWednesday. He’s all ready for summer and to hit the waves on the beach. Think I’ll call him Humpy 🙂 Who knows – I may create more of this each week, it was fun to make.

D Is For Dooku

On Saturday 7/7, in the fourth installment of my Star Wars: Aurek To Zerek series and the latest focused on a D character namely Dooku. Here are the art, memes and more that I shared then:

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