Star Wars Art: The Best of July 2016

Star Wars Art: The Best of July 2016

Every day I curate and share the best Star Wars created by fans. Each month I select the best of the best (based on originality, creativity, and skill) and showcase them here. The following are my picks of the top ten Star Wars fan art of July 2016:

Director Krennic by Steve Ellison

Director Krennic, Director of the Advanced Weapons Research division of the Galactic Empire, from the upcoming Rogue One film. By Steven Ellison

Darth Maul by Maryna Babych

Darth Maul by Maryna Babych

Rey by Wotjek Fus

Rey from The Force Awakens. By Wotjek Fus

Heroes of The Rebellion. By Nicolas Siner

Heroes of The Rebellion. By Nicolas Siner

Dark & The Light by Shane Molina

Dark & The Light – Kylo Ren and Rey. By Shane Molina

Never Tell Me The Odds by Wotjek Fus

Never Tell Me The Odds –  Han Solo about to free Chewbacca from the stormtroopers. By Wotjek Fus

Rey by Eddy Shinjuku

Rey with BB-8 atop her speeder. by Eddy Shinjuku

Bo Katan & The Night Owls By Mauricio Morali

Bo  Katan & The Night Owls (as seen in The Clone Wars). By Mauricio Morali

Rey by Mike Mitchell
Rey from The Force Awakens by Mike Mitchell

Rogue One poster by Patrick Seymour

Rogue One poster by Patrick Seymour

Which is your favorite?

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