OT Art by Paolo Giandoso

The Deal: Darth Vader forces Lando to betray his friends. The Sith Lord has force-chocked all of Lando´s guards to death in a display of power and Lando, for the sake of the citizens of Cloud city, accepts Vader’s deal.

Oh Dear!: This moment happens right after Leia has been unmasked in Jabba´s palace. Bib Fortuna shows Senator Organa what garment His Excellency wants her to wear from now on. C3PO is of course there to translate.

It may be a haphazard form of transportation, but for the areas of Endor that are unsafe to cross, the Ropeway is the Ewok’s best chance of survival. Since accidents do happen, they place holy symbols on the baskets and have the Shaman bless it regularly.

Art by Paolo Giandoso.

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