TIE Striker by Anthony Devine

I had the pleasure of working on both The TIE Striker and U-Wing Expansion Pack merchandise earlier this year for Fantasy Flight Games and in collaboration with Disney. I can’t tell you guys enough how great and humbling an experience this was for me!

For this piece I had to illustrate several TIE Strikers in a Death Star Hangar Bay. I had references on how these new ships would look (well, kinda- they were still finalising the design), but Disney wasn’t giving much away on how they were parked which gave me the chance to explore this grey area! After submitting some sketches for this assignment, it was decided to move forward with this concept. We wanted to exaggerate the hangar bay and not go with something small and mundane. We still don’t really know how the Striker lands in the film, but I was told LucasFilm liked this idea and approved my docking concept to be used for this illustration.

Art by Anthony Devine

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