What If by Michael Matsumoto

These are some imagined alternated versions of the characters from The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi if the events turned out differently. Art by Michael Matsumoto.

Rey by Michael Matsumoto

“After being captured by the First Order on Starkiller Base, Supreme Leader Snoke tortured Rey to the point she succumbs to the Dark Side of the Force. She does manage to escape his clutches, but now seeks mentorship from a powerful, dark master whose lightsabers she collected during her escape.”

Han by Michael Matsumoto

“Han Solo has become one of the Resistance’s most beloved admirals in the fleet. After successfully rescuing his son on Starkiller Base, Han continues to lead his troops against the First Order, whether it be on foot or in the Millenium Falcon.” Rey by Michael Matsumoto

“Ben Solo is a hero reborn as he abandons his identity as Kylo Ren, turns on Snoke and the First Order, and, like his mother, embraces the Light Side of the Force. After being defeated by the hands of Rey on Starkiller Base, he now pursues to bring balance to the galaxy with the use of the blaster he inherited from his father and two familiar lightsabers he recovered during his training that both seem to date back to an older era.”

Luke by Michael Matsumoto

“Luke Skywalker did not turn out to be the last Jedi. He assumed the mantle from his father after defeating him on Death Star II and has now become an even more powerful lord of the Sith. He waits in seclusion for a worthy apprentice, but we will have to see what his plans are when that particular day comes.”

Leia by Michael Matsumoto

“Leia Organa was the last hope to bring balance to the galaxy. After Luke Skywalker turned to the Dark Side of the Force, she stepped away from politics and committed her life to mastering the ways of the Force in an effort to save her brother. With what she has learned from Ahsoka Tano, Leia passed on her teachings to her son in hopes that he will finish what she started.”

Finn by Michael Matsumoto

“Finn ends up leaving Rey on Takodana and went to train with Sidon Ithano and Quiggold as a pirate in the Outer Rim. He has become a strong and skillful fighter and has now pledged to fight the First Order with his new strength. He’s now earned the notorious title, “The Phasma Slayer” and will fight to oppose the First Order- for a good price.” Poe by Michael Matsumoto

“After Poe Dameron was caught by the First Order, they brutally tortured and corrupted his mind, turning him into one of their most skilled tie-pilots. Once admired by members of the Resistance, Poe has become one of their most feared enemies.” BB-8 by Michael Matsumoto

“BB-H8 was modified after being caught by the First Order to only flip his lighter upside-down to disapprove everything.”