On Saturday 7/7, in the fourth installment of my Star Wars: Aurek To Zerek series and the latest focused on a D character namely Dooku. Here are the art, memes and more that I shared then:

Dooku by Charles Logan

Dooku (and Greivous) by Charles Logan

“It is obvious this contest cannot be decided by our knowledge of the Force but by our skills with a lightsaber” – Count Dooku, Attack Of The Clones

Dooku Reimagined by Gaetan Weltzer

This is the final image for the Star Wars Reimagined challenge. I wanted to highlight Count Dooku’s intelligent, vicious and evil mind in this dark fantasy redesign. He’s crushing his ennemies’ minds accompanied by his demonic droids.  Dooku Reimainged by Gaetan Weltzer.

Dooku by Jonathan Lam

Dooku by Jonathan Lam

His Powers Have Doubled. (Source)

Dooku by Robert Bruno

Dooku by Robert Bruno

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