Star Wars Artist Spotlight #2: Shane Molina

Star Wars Artist Spotlight #2: Shane Molina

There are many amazingly talented Star Wars artists, one such individual is Shane Molina – who is my favorite by far. The last time I spoke to him at length was in 2016 before Rogue One was released in theaters. So a lot has taken place since then in Star Wars and he has created a ton of top-notch art since then. So here is my second interview (and a small sample of his recent art):

What did you think of Rogue One?

Rogue One is my second favorite Star Wars movie of all time! Yes sir! The moment I saw Director Krennic’s shuttle buzz over the shoreline, the chills filled my body, knowing this was going to be a great Star Wars movie. The introduction of the new troopers was eye candy for me! From Jedha to the battle of Scariff, the movie was just pure action for me. Lucasfilm did such an amazing job on this one! I thought the characters were so well developed and felt the sheer power of Vader at the end of the movie! Disney keep these Spin-off movies coming, because they rock!

What did you think of Last Jedi? And where do you hope Episode IX Will go?

I need to be honest here, The moment I saw Last Jedi from beginning to end, it was not my favorite Star Wars movie. It created a huge divide in the fan base, which led to a toxic hate towards the future of the Star Wars Universe. After collecting my thoughts from the movie I realized that Star Wars is Star Wars for a reason, It brings hope, overcoming darkness, the balance between good and evil. Yes, the Last Jedi was not my favorite Star Wars movie, but it did contain a lot of Star Wars Authenticity, from the original Ralph McQuarrie A-wing to the Ski-Speeders, this move did bring the great look of vehicle design in the Star Wars Universe. To be a true fan of Star Wars, you must always find the good in all things.

I am hoping Episode IX Will show some dang Knights of Ren!!! hah *laughs*! The battle with Kylo and Rey teaming up against Snoke’s Royal Guards was so awesome! Definitely would love to see more epic space battles and intense dog fights! Its very hard to actually say where I want this movie to go, as I seem to always leave it up to Disney to keep the surprises coming!

I Love Porgs by Shane Molina

What did you think of Solo?

Man, Solo!!!! Solo was just awesome! AWESOME I SAY!!!! Dang this movie really put a smile on my face! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but Bruh! I took my five-year old son with me on opening week, and we both were jaw dropped in how great it was. I know there was a lot of changes, and re-shoots, and blah blah, but man Lucasfilm and Disney sure brought a great watch on the big screen again for me! The battle of Mimban was purely the gritty feel I loved, and it reflected my troopers I re-create in my Illustrations! Can’t wait for this to come out on Blu-ray and watch it again with my ohana!

One of the awesome things about your art is your attention to detail and the little easter eggs you place there – how did you start to add those things?

Yeah bruh! Them Easter eggs are always fun bruddah! I like hiding a lot of them in my artwork and seeing peoples reactions when they find them. I truly do it for the fans! I started doing it way back hiding little jokes about jar jar binks on the trooper armor. When I saw people having a great laugh at it, I was like hey, this is pretty good I should keep going along this road to separate my art from the other fan art!

Mimban Mud Trooper by Shane Molina

So far – what would you consider your favorite piece you’ve created?

So far my favourite piece I have created is my Shock Trooper! He is carrying a minigun with His cape floating. It was a fun as I started to put some Hawaiian Tribal art on it, with secret sayings such as “808 Empire” (For my island!), “Still Standing” Fans began to nick name the piece “VADER SAYS HI!” As it is marked on his minigun!

Shock Trooper by Shane Molina

What are some of the things about the visual language of Star Wars that you’ve discovered since making art?

The visual language of Star Wars is very eye-catching for me. Very simple shapes used in the starships and characters can really help an artist a whole lot while creating their own world. I am in the production phase of my very first book coming out soon, that really takes these elements of the Star Wars World in to play. But it is the Shapes I captured the most while studying these concepts from this historic movie!

What advice would you give to aspiring Star Wars artists?

My advice for an upcoming Star Wars artist, is three simple things to remember! One, only you can do it! Two, Study the hell out of Ralph McQuarrie and Doug Chiang! and Three, Don’t ever give up, Keep drawing till your hand becomes a robot and keeps drawing!!!

You can see all Shane Molina’s additional Star Wars art here. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram 

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