Star Wars Artist Spotlight: Hannah Payne

Star Wars Artist Spotlight: Hannah Payne

There are many awesome Star Wars artists out there, many of whose art I feature on a regular basis. But there is a smaller section of these artists who consistently create awesome and original work. One such person is Hannah Payne, 17, from Australia. Here is my interview with her:

When did you become a Star Wars fan? 

I used to watch the shows literally every single day when I was a kid and that’s probably the root of my obsession. I grew out of it but seeing The Force Awakens back when it was released for the first time definitely got me back into it!

Who is your favorite Star Wars character?

I think it’s pretty obvious by looking at my art that Ahsoka is number one. Though I will admit Anakin is a close second.

When did you start creating Star Wars art?

It’s hard to pinpoint a precise date, but probably around two years ago in 2016 was when I first started making and posting any fanart. I took a bit of a break in 2017 but I decided to make social media accounts purely for my art around late last year and I’ve been (trying to) make art consistently since then.

What’s the usual art process like from beginning to end?

The usual process involves me planning out some rough sketches and drafts just to mark out composition, getting halfway through the line-art, procrastinating and not touching the piece for a month, then finishing it off in one day by cramming in the rest of the line-art and coloring. On special occasions I’ll procrastinate for two months.

Do you have one character you’d like to make art of but haven’t yet? 

So many! It’s hard to choose. Surprisingly I still haven’t made any proper Anakin, Kenobi or Rey art yet, which is weird since they’re some of my favorites. I’ve done sketches of them but not proper pieces, which I’ll have to change. I’m also looking forward to drawing Finn because John Boyega’s face is beautiful.

Besties by Hannah Payne

What did you think of The Last Jedi? Where do you hope Episode IX will end up?

Quite honestly, I’m not a big fan of TLJ. I have a lot of problems with it, which I’m not going to go into because I know how to keep my mouth shut and not be rude. But it looks like a lot of effort went into the movie so kudos to the whole team that worked on it. I’m just hoping we get at least one of three things in IX; Force ghost Kenobi/Anakin, Finn and Poe finally confessing their feelings and getting married, or Ahsoka coming out of hibernation to help Rey absolutely decimate Kylo.

What did you think of Solo?

I loved it! It was super fun and I went in with absolutely no expectations, so it was a really pleasant surprise. Qi’ra was amazing, Enfys was badass, Lando and Han were spot on. L3 was iconic and That Cameo was mind-blowing. I just feel bad (I don’t, really) for all the people that boycotted because they’ve seriously missed out on such a good movie.

Have you had any cool experiences yet as a Star Wars artist? 

Having Mark Hamill, Ashley Eckstein and Vanessa Marshall acknowledge and compliment my art was kind of surreal. I’m still not over it. Also, the overall reception that my art has received is pretty mind-blowing. I never thought that so many people would genuinely enjoy seeing my work, let alone want to buy it, so it’s a great feeling. I’ve made heaps of new friends through it and I’m super grateful for all the support and love I’ve received.

Ahsoka and Shuri by Hannah Payne

What advice would you give to any aspiring Star Wars artists?

Persevere. When I first started, not getting that many likes or comments on something that I’d worked super hard on was really discouraging. It still is. But perseverance is the key in art, like it is any other occupation. It’s what’s pushed me past my limits and taken me out of my comfort zone to try new things. It’s how we improve. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment! It’s the first thing I tell anyone who asks for tips. Try new colour palettes, brushes, textures, poses, everything! And yes, I know it’s probably gonna make heaps of people uncomfortable but trust me, it saves your life. It’s how we discover new techniques and our own individual style and flair (which I still haven’t even found yet since I can’t seem to stick to anything). Just go for it.

To see more of Hannah’s art and follow her, find her on Tumblr and Twitter .

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