Star Wars Art: Best Of 2018

Star Wars Art: Best Of 2018

Each month I select the best, the top 10 of a given month. Here I bring you the best of the best – the top 25 of the entire year of 2018. These are selected on the basis of originality, quality, and general awesomeness. Enjoy:

Shattered by Daniel Reyes

“Shattered” by Daniel Reyes ( from Best of January 2018)

Supreme Leader Ren by Whiluna

Supreme Leader by Whiluna. (from Best Of January 2018)

The Balance by Crystal Graziano

“The Balance” by Crystal Graziano (from Best Of February 2018)

The Force Gathering by William Nunez

“The Force Gathering” by William Nunez. (from Best Of March 2018)

Luke Skywalker by Vincente Valentine

Luke Skywalker by Vicente Valentine. (from Best Of March 2018)

Ahsoka Tano by Hannah Payne. (from Best Of April 2018)

Rey by Viiper. (from Best Of April 2018)

Lando Colt 45 by Eddie Holly

“Colt 45” by Eddie Holly. (from Best Of May 2018)

Kylo & Rey by Mary Jovino. (from Best Of May 2018)

Mimban Mud Trooper by Shane Molina

Mimban Mudtrooper by Shane Molina. (from Best Of June 2018)

Maul And QiRa by Jozi Gallant

Maul & Qi’ra by Jozi Gallant. (from Best Of June 2018)

Hades & Persephone by Julia Harrison

Hades & Persephone by Julia Harrison. (from Best Of July 2018)

Commander Wolfe by Shane Molina

Commander Wolffe by Shane Molina. (from Best Of July 2018)

Corrosion by Claudia Caranfa

“Corrosion” by Claudia Caranfa. (from Best Of August 2018)

Balance by Diana Withoutafuss

“A Balance” by Diana Novich. (from Best Of August 2018)

Commander Cody by Shane Molina

Commander Cody by Shane Molina. (from Best Of August 2018)

Vader & The Emperor by Darren Tan

Vader & The Emperor by Darren Tan. (from Best Of September 2018)

The Predoba by Shane Molina

“The Predoba” by Shane Molina. (from Best Of September 2018)

Luke’s Grand Vision by Tony Warne. (from Best Of October 2018)

Lord Vader by Matt Hubel

Lord Vader by Matt Hubel. (from Best Of October 2018)

Captain Rex by Shane Molina

Captain Rex by Shane Molina. (from Best Of November 2018)

Boba Fett by Darren Tan

Boba Fett by Darren Tan. (from Best Of November 2018)

Forced Lineage by Erik Stitt

“Forced Lineage” by Erik Stitt. (from Best Of December 2018)

The Legend Of Luke Skywalker by Daniel De Almeida

“Legend Of Luke Skywalker” by Daniel De Almeida. (from Best Of December 2018)

The Top 3 Star Wars Artists of 2018

This is a new section I have not included before in years past. I have selected these three artists based on both the consistent quality and quantity of the art they’ve created this past year. Be sure to check out all their awesome work

3) Darren Tan

2) Daniel De Almeida

1) Shane Molina!

Escape Of Boba Fett by Shane Molina

“Escape Of Boba Fett” by Shane Molina. (from Best Of February 2018)

This piece above I consider to be my personal favorite of the year and arguably the best of 2018.

Which was your favorite?

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