Star Wars Artist Spotlight: Micah Seth Brown

In my artist spotlight, I highlight Star Wars artists who create consistently original and awesome art. Micah Seth Brown is one of these artists. Here is my exclusive interview:


In what part of our galaxy do you reside? Are you creating art full-time?

I am currently living in Wichita, Kansas and I am currently creating art part time

When / how did you become a Star Wars fan?

I fell in love with Star Wars back in 1997 when A New Hope Special Edition came out. I was 11 and before the movies re-release. My mom found out that I had never seen Star Wars, so she went out to our local library and rented the original trilogy on VHS. When she brought it back home for the next few days I watched the crap out of them and just fell in love with the universe. After that I was hooked.

A Master's Legacy by Micah Seth Brown

How did you begin making (Star Wars) art?

I’ve always been into sketching characters and landscapes since I can remember. My first real Star Wars fan art was a picture of Darth Maul done with pencil and color pencils back when Episode 1 came out. I still have that one in great condition and may frame for my studio.

What did you think of Solo?

I loved it. I can sum up my experience watching Solo in one word, and that word is FUN. I never had a big smile on my face through a whole movie in a long time. It was everything I’d hoped it would be.

Solo poster (color) by Micah Brown

What do you hope to see in Episode IX?

Oh man that’s tough. I’m hoped to be extremely surprised. Like after watching The Last Jedi where they took it in a direction that was completely unpredictable. That’s what I hope will happen with Episode IX completely throw me around.

Do you have a favorite Star Wars character (to make art of)?

There’s so many great characters it’s hard to say. However, I would say currently it’s Captain Rex. I sketched/ painted him recently in both my Clone Wars and Rebels poster and he’s just a fun Character to draw. I especially love to add texture and details on his armor.

Clone Wars Heroes by Micah Seth Brown

What are some visual elements that you’ve found make Star Wars art / design unique?

What makes Star Wars art for me is if it has a traditional art feel / look to it. I always associated Star Wars art with the great Drew Struzan and his posters. He s has a look to his art that basically cemented in my mind what all Star Wars art should be compared to. It’s a look and feel I hoped to achieve in my own art someday.

How do you go about creating art? – from idea to finished art piece

Oh man it’s quite the process. I always start out with a basic layout of all the characters, ships, and background design. Then, I start going in and start sketching each character first. Usually I break it down to one character a day. My final step then is to go in and started adding color and final details that I’ve may have missed. I try now to take my time to ensure there’s a lot of detail in each character

Birth Of The Rebellion by Micah Brown

What advice would you give for any aspiring Star Wars artists?

Practice, practice, practice. And damn the nay sayers. My art has been picked apart by so many social media forms that it can be very disheartening and make you question your skills and make you think and it’s worth it to keep going at it. However, I now let it all brush off my shoulders and continue to do what I love. Because in the end I’m actually doing this for one reason, and that’s because I love Star Wars and I want to be apart of it. So my advice to the up and coming artist is don’t listen to those who’ll destroy your work, and I’m not saying don’t listen to constructive criticism. I mean don’t listen to the trollers who want to brutally bring you down by using your current skills as an artist against you. Do what you love and stick with it. I’ll also say challenge yourself and always, with a new piece you’re drawing / painting try something new you’ve never done before. I’m always learning something and I try to do something new with each painting I do. And of course as always May the Force be With You!


Check out more of Micah’s art here and follow him on Twitter and Instagram

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