Top Star Wars Art: Darkside Rey

In light of the recent D23 Rise Of Skywalker trailer, here is a selection of 13 of the top darkside Rey art from recent years so far. Perhaps we will see something like it in Episode IX?


Knight of Rey by Diana

“Knight Of Rey” (2016) by Diana Novich

The Darkside Has Cookies (2016) by Julia Wolter

Darth Rey (2016) by Jair Andrés Medina Paéz

Knights Of Reyn (2016) by Yonathan Stefano

Join The Darkside (2016) by Adzusai

Dark Rey (2017) by Tomasz Chistowski

Lady Sith Rey (2017) by Iury Padhila

What If Rey Was A Sith (2017) by Marcin Bystrzycki

Kylo & Rey (2018) by Mary Jovino

Darth Rey by Ryan Wilton

Darth Rey (2018) by Ryan Wilton

Darkness (2018) by Neheska

Rey (2018) by Logan Feliciano

Supremacy by Taevyn Astra


Check out more Rey art here. More darkside art here. More Sequel art here.

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