Star Wars Art: Best Of September & October 2019

Here is my selection of the top Star Wars fan art I’ve rounded up from September & October 2019. These were picked on the basis of originality and overall awesomeness:

Greedo by Pablo Olivera {Artstation, Twitter}

Rey “We Can Do It!” by Daniel De Almeida {Artstation, Instagram}

Corrosion III by Claudia Caranfa {Deviantart, Twitter, Instagram}

Slave To The Darkside by Eli Hyder {Instagram, Twitter}

Rise Of Skywalker poster by Gabriel Vitoria {Artstation, Facebook, Instagram}

Dark Trio by Erik DeAvila

The Mandalorian by Natalie Herrera {ArtstationTwitterInstagram}

Dark Rey by Prototype Art {Website, Artstation, Instagram}

Poster for The Mandalorian by Shane Molina {WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagram]


Check out more featured Star Wars art from previous months here

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