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Not Your Usual Dunes by Andrés Valenzuela

Not Your Usual Dunes by Andrés Valenzuela

This came out of some random sketches. Long ago I did an Ahsoka at the beach, and since it’s summer here in the southern hemisphere… why not making another beach-themed Star Wars piece? Also, I really think Rey is super cute. (And I should have remembered from that time when I drew an R2D2 that droids are a pain to paint hahahah). Rey enjoys water so much, she deserves dunes by the sea instead of your dunes-as-far-as-the-eye-sees of Jakku, don’t you agree?

Art by Andrés Valenzuela

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Game by Ymirr

Game by Ymirr

Grand Admiral Thrawn playing some holochess with Hera Syndulla as Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren attempt to hide beneath the table

Art by Ymirr

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Imperial March by Mike Heath

Imperial March by Mike Heath

I always wanted to visualize John Williams’ great instrumental theme and picture all of the masked men of the Empire. I began by sculpting each character in Zbrush, rigging them in DAZ Studio, simulating cloth in Marvelous Designer, and finally rendering them in Octane Render for C4d. This was super fun to make all of the characters that I grew up with-I was drawn to the characters behind masks as they have a certain intrigue to them.

Art by Mike Heath {Website, Artstation}

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