Garindan by Mike Mitchell

Garindan by Mike Mitchell

The Kubaz Imperial spy as seen in Episode IV: A New Hope who revealed the location of the Millennium Falcon at Docking Bay 94 in the Mos Eisley spaceport. Art by Mike Mitchell. (See the whole Star Wars Mondo series here).

Han & Leia by Renan Moraes

Han & Leia by Renan Moraes

Han and Leia (from Episode IV: A New Hope) in an embrace reminiscent of the final goodbye scene from The Force Awakens. RIP Carrie Fisher. Art by Renan Moraes


This art first appeared on Google+

A New Hope Poster by Michael Pasquale

40th Anniversary A New Hope Poster by Michael Pasquale

Here it is, my tribute to Star Wars: A New Hope!!! ???  This is where the love began and the imagination ran wild! I fell in love with these characters from their very first moment on screen and continue to today! Thanks to everyone for following along, hope you guys like it!

A beautiful animated style poster of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope for the 40th anniversary of the franchise. Art by Michael Pasquale.

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