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I am the resident Star Wars enthusiast on G+. I curate the top Star Wars content in a dozen collections and I have the top Star Wars community as well:

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Star Wars News & Rumors

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Star Wars Art

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Star Wars Memes

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Star Wars: Today In History

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Star Wars Miscellany

13,000+ followers

Star Wars Countdown

11,000+ followers

Star Wars Cosplay

11,000+ followers

Beyond Star Wars

11,000+ followers

Star Wars: ICYMI

11,000+ followers

Star Wars: Quote Of The Day

11,000+ followers

Star Wars Trivia

11,000+ followers

Star Wars: This Is Madness

11,000+ followers

G+ Community

Join us! Our Star Wars Resistance community is the largest active Star Wars community on Google+. It was established to resist the spam, nonsense, and scum & villiany in other communities.

Here you will find positive and civilized discussion with other Star Wars fans from across the world and of all ages. Occasionally we also have exclusive contests and challenges to engage the community.

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